• Johanna Taylor

10 reasons you know you’re on a no budget film shoot

If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, you might recognise a few of these ‘interesting’ experiences that we can face when shooting on a shoestring.

1. You have a well-rehearsed story about leaving your permit at home

2. The actors start to think that paying union fees maybe isn’t such a bad idea

3. Each morning the DOP wonders if today’s the day they’ll be hit by a truck

4. Shooting at 2am has become the new normal

5. Knowing your next filming location has become a mythical concept

6. You start viewing the general public as extras that won’t behave

7. You realise you’ve lost 7lbs through self-neglect

8. You consider it a ‘good day’s shooting’ when your actors haven’t quit

9. You’re staying in an 8ft dorm with the DOP and sound guy

10. Every day the vision for your film gets a little more compromised

A new documentary, Prayers to the Gods of Guerrilla Filmmaking follows the highs and lows of a guerrilla filmshoot in Hong Kong. It's been described as “A very funny and evocative look at the pain, torture, tantrums, poverty and general madness that people will go through in order to make their passion project” and it’s streaming now on Prime and Vimeo.


Prayers to the Gods of Guerrilla Filmmaking 120mins 

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